Animals shown love at zoo’s Valentine’s safari

Saturday’s Valentine’s Day Zoo Safari will include making valentine treats ” not for humans, but for the animals of the zoo, 2101 N.E. 50th.

Candice Rennels, manager of marketing and public relations, said the annual safari is a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as well as one’s love for animals.

“It’s a fun, unique family event that provides edible, tasty treats for a select group of animals at the zoo,” Rennels said. “The treats are enrichment items ” something the animals don’t usually get to eat.”

Eagerly devouring the delicacies will be:
” Asian elephants,
” Indian rhinos,
” white-tailed deer,
” wild turkeys,
” raccoons,
” grizzly bears and
” gorillas.

Some of the delicious delights consist of:
” popcorn and fruit-filled papier-mché hearts for the elephants,
” fruit and veggies for the rhinos,
” alfalfa hay-filled hearts for the deer and turkeys,
” peanut butter Cheerios balls for the bears, and
” yogurt-honey balls for the gorillas.

The uniquely crafted holiday indulgences encourage:
” scavenging,
” play and
” other natural animal behaviors.

Stay for the whole day and all attendees will receive free cookies at the Great EscApe exhibit. The safari, to be held noon to 3 p.m., is free with regular zoo admission.

For more information, visit their site or call 425-0262.

“Joanna Rus 

Gazette staff

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