I can’t figure out why a good actress like Mandy Moore isn’t forever minted as America’s sweetheart. Wait, yes, I can: It’s because she picks the lamest movies in which to waste her talents.


From “License to Wed” to “Because I Said So,” 2007 was not a kind year for Moore at the movies, and she made it a trifecta with the deservedly little-seen “Dedication,” directed by Justin Theroux, who’s perhaps best known for his starring role in David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive.”


Here’s how terrible “Dedication” is: The deliberate mind-screw that is “Mulholland Drive” has more logic in it than this by-the-numbers romantic comedy, which is void of both romance and humor.


Billy Crudup (“Almost Famous”) stars as a children’s book author who’s under pressure to deliver another Marty the Beaver best seller “” the first without his late partner (Tom Wilkinson, “Michael Clayton). So the publisher hires starving illustrator (Moore) to work with him.


He’s totally unlikable, see, and delights in belittling her and everyone else. In doing so, he drives away the audience as well. Despite him being 100 percent repellant and having no redeeming qualities, the two fall in love.


My wife “” a sucker for romantic comedies “” called it one of the 10 worst movies she’s ever seen. Rent with extreme trepidation. 


“”Rod Lott


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