The Game Plan



As far as family entertainment goes, you could do worse than “The Game Plan.” This comedy “” at least for those 10 and under “” has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson taking a break from action-adventure vehicles and treading into far lighter waters. He’s arrogant NFL quarterback superstar Joe Kingman, who’s living the dream of excess when a package arrives at his door.


That’d be Peyton (Madison Pettis from TV’s “Cory in the House” “” ask your kids), an 8-year-old who claims to be the daughter he never knew existed. And since Mom is off traveling, can’t she live with him until she gets back. Despite all the lingering questions inherent with such a shady setup, he agrees. Hilarity ensues “¦ well, provided you think an overflowing bubble bath or the sight of The Rock in a tutu qualifies as laugh-provoking material.


Will Kingman change his ways and learn to love this little ball of trouble? No need to place any bets, as “The Game Plan” follows the Walt Disney formula to a T. And that’s why it’s both neither terrific nor terrible. It doesn’t strive for originality, yet succeeds in hewing to a comfort level.


Johnson, while no great actor, gets by on lots of charm; Pettis doesn’t. But your grade schoolers will think so, and lap it up.


 “”Rod Lott


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