Ultimate: The Greatest Sport Ever Invented by Man – Pasquale Anthony Leonardo

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Unless you play Ultimate, you probably don’t even know what it is. Essentially, it’s Ultimate Frisbee, and although it takes less than a page to explain the rules “” two seven-player teams pass the disc across the field until one catches it in the end zone “” but as befitting only the best sport in the history of humankind (so says author Pasquale Anthony Leonardo), it gets a 134-page guide.

Part how-to and part humor, this sports manual hits all the important parts of the game, like how much beer one can fit in a Frisbee, the act of sideline “depantsing,” and what hairstyles are A-OK for playing (“The full Jewfro is in, but a Half-fro is out”).

Yeah, it’s tongue in cheek. Could you tell?

“”Rod Lott


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