The Unknown Trilogy


Three times is no charm in “The Unknown Trilogy,” an independently made anthology film in the same vein as “The Twilight Zone,” only minus the suspense. In a framing device that borders on parody, Dr. Sol Rubin (Robert Costanzo from “The Sopranos” “¦ the video game, that is) introduces three cases of bizarre human psychology.

The first story involves a man named Frankie the Squirrel (co-writer/director Sal Mazzotta), who makes a deal with the devil (David Proval, actually from “The Sopranos”) which will make him a lucky man, so long as he sticks with the number 22. “American Idol” has-been Justin Guarini has a minor role, which should say it all.

The middle section finds kids playing games and taking dares in a funeral home run by the demented Ed O’Ross (“Dick Tracy”). The scene in which these grade schoolers get drunk is hilarious, because the pint-sized thesps don’t do it convincingly.

Finally, a grieving father starts getting messages from his young dead son, whose death in a car accident was dear ol’ Dad’s fault. The reasons for the correspondence are obviously predictable.

“Unknown” will remain that way, with a cast whose biggest name is Angie Everhart, a boring script, uninspired direction and absolutely no tension, unless you’re counting the minutes until the end.

“”Rod Lott


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