its, so be it. In this pleasant Disney send-up of Disney, she delivers a star-making performance that helps transform a so-so spoof into something more.

Adams portrays the sweet and beautiful Giselle, a literally animated princess who is pushed out of her fairy-tale existence by a wicked queen (Susan Sarandon). Giselle winds up in the unforgiving world of New York City, where she’s quickly befriended by a divorce attorney (Patrick Dempsey) and his young daughter (Rachel Covey).

“Enchanted” has some genuinely inspired moments, especially a showstopper in which Giselle gathers the animals of Manhattan “” rats, pigeons and cockroaches “” for a Snow White-styled housecleaning. Such scenes make up for the movie’s somewhat creepy inclusion of a CGI chipmunk that can speak in the fairy-tale world but is reduced to incomprehensible chirps in the Big Apple.

Oklahoma native James Marsden turns in a spirited performance as a clueless prince, but Adams provides all the magic that “Enchanted” really needs, even when the movie veers into the realm of formula and predictability.

“”Phil Bacharach


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