Supporters rally for embattled Kern at Capitol

On April 2, the state Capitol was crammed with hundreds of people, standing shoulder to shoulder, many wearing clothing depicting religious or patriotic symbols, for what was billed as the “Rally for Sally,” organized by national lobbying group Concerned Women for America.

In her now-famous rant, Sally Kern railed that homosexuality is “the death knell in this country.” But in introducing his wife, The Rev. Steve Kern, pastor of Oklahoma City’s Olivet Baptist Church, spoke with terms not extant in her YouTube-distributed comments.

“I want to begin by saying, we are not here today to bash homosexuals,” he said. “We love them.”

But, he continued, alluding to calls nationwide for his wife to step down and the “Internet defamation” that his son was gay, which the man denied.

“We want to say to all of those who passed those lies along that we forgive you,” Steve Kern said. “We have no animosity in our heart.”

At the mike, Sally Kern broke into sobs as she explained the rally was not about her, and that she was not worthy of adulation.

“I say that because I know I’m a sinner and not worthy of God’s grace,” she said. “And I know also that I’m not courageous, and I’m not brave, and I’m certainly not a hero. I’m just an earthen vessel. An old clay pot. “¦ Let me tell you why I’m not going to apologize. “¦ When God calls something a sin, that settles it, it’s a sin.” “Ben Fenwick


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Ben Fenwick

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