Painkiller Jane


Based on a comic book I’ve never laid eyes on, “Painkiller Jane” was a single-season Sci Fi Channel series now complete in a six-disc DVD set. The title refers to Jane Vasco, a DEA agent who’s virtually indestructible and has regenerative powers “” think the “Heroes” cheerleader, but not prissy. No wonder they got “Terminator 3″ robot Kristanna Loken to play her; she makes a nail-tough impression.

Jane’s blackmailed into working for the de rigueur Secret Government Agency to hunt down superhumans who pull tricks (and explosions) with their minds. This part isn’t so interesting, but when the show branches off into more stand-alone episodes “” hunting a mythical monster, getting stuck in a time loop “” “Jane” grows more enjoyable.

Once you get past the sheer budget-friendly Canadian-ness of the series, its action aplenty can be enjoyed mindlessly. It has a flashy, “Matrix”-type thing going on that helps it rise above your standard Sci Fi fare, even if it can’t entirely escape the cheese.

It’s too bad the set lacks the 2005 pilot film, which cast Emmanuelle Vaugier (“Saw II”) in the role.

 “”Rod Lott


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