Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Reviewer’s grade: C

Ben Stein, of “Win Ben Stein’s Money” and Clear Eyes commercial fame, co-writes and “hosts” (it’s that way in the credits) this documentary about the Darwinist stranglehold on academia and its nefarious plan to banish religion, morality and all warm fuzzies from the human condition.

Ostensibly a film about academic prejudice forcing out free inquiry (intelligent design) to prop up the (figurative) rotting corpse of Charles Darwin, Stein and co. have actually mimicked intelligent design’s modus operandi by couching a fallacious, irrelevant argument in the trappings of logical scientific inquiry. While it’s clear Darwinism doesn’t have all the answers and the scientific community is overreacting to all things religious, Darwinism and intelligent design aren’t really trying to answer the same question, no matter how Stein frames the debate.

Darwinism is about identifying how a natural process works, while intelligent design seems to (it’s never really clear what they do, actua lly) want to explain why that process exists. You might as well try using math to explain why Scooby Doo talks. It doesn’t matter, you fools. He just does.  PG

“” Mike Robertson


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