Morcheeba – Dive Deep


Take the advice of this album’s title, and immerse yourself in its aural anesthetic, awash with stress-numbing melodies and crystalline production.

Morcheeba was formed in the mid-Nineties as a trip-hop trio, but since has evolved into a more sonically experimental sibling duo with a notably mature sound. Gone are the vocal-driven singles like “Trigger Hippie” or “The Sea;” although the songs still front words, they’re in support of the work as a whole, rather than driving them.

“Enjoy the Ride” opens the disc, with a mid-tempo shuffling beat and semi-sunny groove, supplemented by guest singer Judie Tzuke. Her laid-back performance is bested, however, by another visitor: Norwegian musician Thomas Dybdahl, whose rich throat lends gravitas to the gorgeous melodies of “Riverbed,” a electronic-based ballad that sparkles with feeling.

Elsewhere, “Run Honey Run” finds Morcheeba under a slight country influence, while “Thumbnails” and “The Ledge Beyond the Edge” let Paul and Ross Godfrey work out their DJ skills in instrumental territory, to great effect.

“”Rod Lott

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