The Myriad – With Arrows, With Poise

style=”MARGIN: auto 0in”>If you want to simulate the feeling of listening to this album, just jam a Flickerstick CD into your stereo and play it while simultaneously listening to a Keane song on your iPod and reading a blog on a Coldplay fan site.

The album’s single, “A Clean Shot,” is clean indeed, with no grit or toil to speak of’ a sterile number led by singer Jeremy Edwardson’s impossibly smooth and produced vocals. “A Thousand Winters Melting” develops melodically with interjecting pianos, percolating drums and The-Edge-from-U2-styled guitars that ring infinitely through a sweeping arena chorus.

Appealing electronic programming underscores several songs on the album, but does little to add variety, instead infusing sterility. “With Arrows, with Poise” has poise, but proves this tastefully bland band probably isn’t actually poised.

“”Joe Wertz

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