Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins


You know a comedy is in trouble when it resorts to an animal attack. Whether the beast happens to be a hungry bear, pesky bat or horny moose, it doesn’t matter. In Hollywood, a mischievous animal is the last refuge of comic scoundrels.

In “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins,” the animal in question is a skunk that disturbs the sleep of the beleaguered title character. While it might be tempting here to make a connection between the aforementioned skunk and the movie’s pungent odor of mediocrity, this reviewer will resist such easy analogies “” if only because it would short-shrift the picture’s other big would-be laugh involving animals: the mating of two mismatched dogs.

“Welcome Home” stars Martin Lawrence as Roscoe Jenkins, a TV self-help guru who seemingly has it all: fame, wealth and a sexy fianc


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