Monroe Mustang – Monroe Mustang, The Imaginary Band, Regretfully Declines


In the late Nineties, Norman-based Monroe Mustang released a handful of quiet but polished albums of slow-core shoegazing records “¦ and then seemingly disappeared. The band is back (sort of) with its fifth album’ its first since the dawn of the new millennium and an MP3-only release’ even if its members are scattered across all corners of the globe, from Texas to Paris.

The baker’s dozen tracks follow the Mustang formula of leisurely, languid guitars and purposely paced builds which seem to stroll to nowhere before your ears finally pick up on a melody that has snuck up on you. At that point, indifference should give way to invigorated.

“Fenced In,” “Dispersion of Will” and “Vest” are headphone-ready highlights. It all may sound like Dramamine, but who said there’s anything wrong with that?

“”Rod Lott

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