Then She Found Me

Reviewer’s grade: C

Helen Hunt (As Good As It Gets,” “Mad About You”) directs, co-writes, co-produces and  stars in this vanity project that could just as easily have been called “Mad About Helen’s Partially-Nude Torso and Frowny Face.”

Hunt stars as April, a schoolteacher who marries Ben (Matthew Broderick, “The Producers”) so she can have a mate and faithful sperm donor. Then Ben jumps ship, April’s adoptive mother dies and she meets hunky Frank (Colin Firth, “The Last Legion”) and her birth mother Bernice (Bette Midler,”Beaches”). With her life in disarray and her baby fever deepening by the hour, April is thrown into a midlife crisis.

Formulaic but with some interesting twists, “Then She Found Me” suffers a little from Hunt’s obsession with her own self. Hunt took some time off to have kids around 2000, which is the proverbial kiss of death in Movie Land. As a result “Then She Found Me” has a feeling of an elaborate audition to kick start Hunt’s career. It’ll probably work, which is good for her but questionable for the rest of us. R

“”Mike Robertson


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