The Coathangers plan to crash an Opolis party

Hailing from Atlanta, all-girl band The Coathangers will play at Norman’s Opolis.

To paraphrase “There Will Be Blood,” they’ve built up their hatreds over the years, little by little. But the girls in the hard-charging four-piece band The Coathangers have a good time releasing their hatreds in music before they fester.

Take “Buckhead Betty,” a song from their self-titled 2007 release, in which the girls in mock sweetness assume the roles of characters from television’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

“I used to work in the shoe store in the real ritzy area (of Los Angeles), near Rodeo Drive,” guitarist and vocalist Julia Kugel said. “And these drunken-ass, pilled-out women would come in with their stupid-ass kids. It’s a campfire hate ballad.”

“Sometimes it takes more creativity ” we don’t want to be haters,” said drummer Stephanie Luke. “We have a song called ‘Haterade.’ We are tired of waiting on people who don’t know how to act like human beings.”

Kugel, Luke, keyboardist Candice Jones and bassist Meredith Franco are a close band of musical sisters. They hardly field interviews without the rest of the band present. They knew each other as fellow Georgians, but it wasn’t until the four took a trip to an anti-Bush rally in Washington that they decided to form a band.

“It’s nice to have an outlet to say what we want to say,” Luke said.

Sonically, there’s not much of the weight of angst. The girls share vocal interplay and the tunes zip past dub influences, British invasion, found samples, punk, blues, the swagger of English rockers Wire and, of course, booby jokes. The aim is to move, party and keep everyone guessing. “Danny Marroquin

Danny Marroquin

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