DJ Chitty shares answers to OKC questions

He landed a coveted slot at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, earlier this year; booked a center-stage show at Tulsa’s Dfest next month; conducts regular parties at Electro Lounge as part of the Dance Robots, Dance! DJ collective; and will spin between sets from The Stock Market Crash and The City Lives on Saturday at The Conservatory.

Party people everywhere say the same thing: “This DJ is the Chit.”

Since DJ Chitty is known for his dance-happy record change-ups and eclectic song pairings, Gazette provided the 27-year-old DJ with some sentence starters and told him to get to work.

It’s tough to: “play to an empty room.” Watching people dance: “can be really embarrassing for them.” The best beats: “make you jump, climb on stuff, hang from the ceiling and hit the floor.” Small clubs and bars: “are the hip joints in town. Big places are lame. Small clubs make the dance floor feel busy.” When people hear “DJ,” they: “picture Donna Joe ‘D.J.’ Tanner from ‘Full House.'” Music makes: “the sound track to our lives.” Don’t request anything: “you’d hear at Skyybar or CityWalk.” If the crowd doesn’t respond: “lets me know I’m doing something wrong.” Making a name: “isn’t hard if you’re good at what you do.” Booking gigs and parties: “is hard work, especially if you’re the promoter.” Start the night with: “a vodka and Red Bull.” End up at: “Taco Bell.” Sleep when: “ever I can! And as much as possible.” Oklahoma City doesn’t: “even know!” “Joe Wertz


Joe Wertz

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