The Invaders: The First Season


There’s something extremely charming about seeing a show with opening narration that proudly heralds what you’re about to see is “in color!” That proclamation was a staple of the Quinn Martin production, of which “The Invaders” remains a cult favorite.

Now that the first season of the late-Sixties sci-fi series is available on DVD, it’s easy to see why. Roy Thinnes stars as David Vincent, who sees a spaceship land and then tries over the course of 17 episodes to convince others that mankind is doomed to be overtaken by aliens. Naturally, no one believes him, especially since these newcomers disguise themselves as humans (such as a stripper played by Suzanne Pleshette).

Using Martin’s famous “The Fugitive” as its template, the show has Vincent traveling from town to town for each hour “” broken up into “Acts” “” where he must thwart one conspiracy or another. It’s a lot of fun.

This five-disc set includes amusing intros by Thinnes, and commentary on “The Innocent” from creator Larry Cohen. Fans are likely to salivate most over the extended pilot.

“”Rod Lott


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