Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers: The Collection \” Volume 1


As any Internet search will confirm, the Eighties cartoon series “Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers” enjoys a fervent following of fans who were drawn to the show’s mix of the science fiction and Western genres, and they’ll snap up this first DVD collection as proof. Whether a rewatch 20 years later will have them saying, “God, I miss this show,” or asking, “What was I thinking?” remains to be seen.

Nostalgia can cloud one’s memories of a childhood favorite’s quality “” as can maturity “” and truth be told, “Galaxy Rangers” isn’t very good. I never saw it prior to this four-disc set of its first 32 episodes, but it comes from that era’s school of shoddy, herky-jerky animation, where it all looks cheap because, well, it was.

Sustaining a Wild West feel while supplementing with futuristic elements and technology, the “cowboys and aliens” plot pits a band of intergalactic heroes led by bionic Zachary Foxx against extraterrestrial threats and mutated super soldiers. While I appreciate the imagination behind it, the execution is lacking. It’s not the fault of creator Robert Mandell, who addresses the constraints on a bonus interview.

For those who can see past the faults, a second volume follows in August.

“”Rod Lott


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