The Offspring – Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace


It’s been more than four years since the release of “Splinter,” a lackluster offering from The Offspring that didn’t bring any of the California band’s typical catchy punk-inspired wit.

“Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace,” is graceful in the delivery of brisk guitar-driven rock songs and sometimes funny lyrics from Dexter Holland, but falls far from sharing any real rage, and doesn’t rise to bring anything truly interesting to enjoy.

“A Lot Like Me” brings a more sensitive Offspring armed with electronica-inspired drums, tidal-wave choruses and repetitive melody lines’ the horrifying result of which sounds like an Everclear (the band) fan (are there any?) singing lyrics over a Coldplay karaoke track.

“Stuff Is Messed Up” is a high point, finally bringing some humor to weary ears as Holland sings, “Thank God for the media for saving the day / Putting it all into perspective in a responsible way.” He lyrically concludes that “shit is fucked up,” and after hearing his album, I tend to agree.

“”Joe Wertz

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