The Coke Dares – Feelin’ Up


The band’s name sounds like a booth game at the Hi-Lo Club, and the music on “Feelin’ Up” could easily be the jagged, broken soundtrack.

The 33-track collection of absurdly short songs are performed by a trio of Indianans culled from the ranks of Magnolia Electric Co. and Impossible Shapes. The songs collectively waste only 23 minutes of your time and are fast and stupid “¦ and kind of fun.

Most of the cuts, like “Blind 17,” “Nazi Rock” and “Rockin’ Dave” are ragged punk bashers, while others like “My Car Is a Multi-Track Recording Studio” are purposely bizarre and wonderfully strange.

The songs are horribly recorded and sound like something made with a three-stringed guitar, a stolen microphone and an overdriven Crate amplifier in a Bethany basement by a bunch of knife-wielding vagrants “¦ which is awesome.

This might be a great album, a total disaster or both. I’ll let the The Coke Dares’ two-second song sum up this review: “Fuck You I Quit.”

“”Joe Wertz

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