Comedy Central’s TV Funhouse


Beware: “TV Funhouse” is profane, offensive, foul-mouthed, sickening, politically incorrect and just not right “¦ and that’s just the way I like it. A full-length spin-off of a popular “Saturday Night Live” segment, Robert Smiegel’s anything-goes series lasted only eight episodes, but rubs up against the leg of comic genius “” and humps it “” every few minutes. (Perhaps it was just ahead of its time; you can see snatches of “Borat”-style guerilla comedy in its on-the-street bits.)

Taking the guise of a kids’ show “” but definitely not for them “” the “Funhouse” is hosted by Doug Dale, a well-meaning but naive man who attempts to stage themed (read: stereotyped) celebrations for each episode, yet is thwarted every time by his “Anipals,” a R-rated menagerie of stuffed animals that curse, drink, freebase, masturbate and patronize cockfights and brothels on their various adventures.

And, when they get around to it, they show a cartoon or two, such as “Fetal Scooby-Doo,” “Jok


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