Jonas Brothers – A Little Bit Longer


The trio of Jonas Brothers’ Nick, Kevin and Joe’ has released “A Little Bit Longer,” the group’s supremely catchy third release.

The songs are an irksome delight. Upbeat, fluffy and cheerful, like a laundry detergent commercial. Songs like “BB Good” and album closer “Got Me Going Crazy” are easy to remember, while the power chord-infused “Shelf” and “Sorry” are destined for Disney sitcom interstitials or brokenhearted diary montages.

The first single, “Burnin’ Up,” is already heating up the radio dial and melting the ears of tweens eager to sort-of rock. It might be a commercial hell spawn, but “A Little Bit Longer” is well-produced and written by the brothers themselves.

The album’s dozen cuts deliver a non-sexual Maroon 5, which means it’s perfect for your 12-year-old daughter, but I can’t help but feel as if there is something intensely sinister about a band that has performed both at the White House and on “Hannah Montana.”

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