Morella’s Blood Vision


Busty Elvira-esque horror host Morella gives B-movie lovers three Z-grade flicks for the price of one in “Morella’s Blood Vision.” This DVD contains such forgotten drive-in fare as “Zombies,” “The Blood Seekers” and “Blood Stalkers.”

“Zombies” (1964) is better known as “I Eat Your Skin,” but don’t expect George Romero-style gore. This is harmless fun, if slow-moving.

From 1971, “The Blood Seekers” is a Filipino-shot crime picture about a series of brutal murders on females. An American investigator pokes his nose around, only to find — spoiler, but go ahead, because it’ll make you want to see it — the prime suspect is a man with hideous tumors all over his head. The flick is colorful —” in that the black-and-white cheapie shifts from one color tint to another after a few minutes.

“Blood Stalkers” (1978) follows the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” template, with a touch of “Deliverance,” as four well-meaning tourists vacation in an area they absolutely shouldn’t. Of all three films, it’s the one modern audiences can stomach the most, even if it’ll turn said stomach. The third-act fright scene interspersed with a church choir is not to be missed.

These are not “good” movies by any stretch of the imagination, but that won’t matter to the contingent that revels in the awfulness of cinema’s bottom of the barrel. Morella offers a pair of two-minute, pun-filled host segments, with help from Spud the Wonder Brain. Although mindless, they add to the trash experience.

—”Rod Lott

Rod Lott

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