Just about every time I see an absolutely crazy Asian movie, I think, “There’s no way Asia can make a movie any crazier.” And then someone does. In this case, it’s “Dororo,” based upon a manga and the first installment of a planned trilogy.

Even with English subtitles, “Dororo” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Part of that may be on purpose, part of that may be because it entails a gender-confused hero seeking his/her body parts from various demons. Got that? No? Good.

This, after all, is not a movie whose plot is to be dissected, but whose outrageousness is to be celebrated. It’s a rental to accompany a night of ramen noodles and several cold beers. How else to take in the talking rats and giant ghost babies and big worms with man faces and flying winged creatures?

Wire fu and sword fu are in plentiful supply, as if there was a surplus at the studio and such items were marked for clearance. Your eyes will be entertained, even when your brain is not. Sit it with inebriated friends, but don’t be surprised if they start to wear out before it’s over; there’s no reason something this brazenly mindless should run for nearly two and a half hours. Escapist should not be confused with epic.

“”Rod Lott


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