Heroes: Season 2


By putting its beloved characters into ridiculous and needlessly extended situations, the second season of “Heroes” fell victim to the dreaded sophomore slump. Oh, it was still enjoyable, but compared to the excellence of its premiere year, it disappointed.

Dimension-jumping Hiro trapped in samurai land? Illegal alien siblings who annoy more than the Wonder Twins? That whiny little girl who can pinpoint anyone’s whereabouts? WTF? At least the cheerleader story went well, and found a firecracker in Kristen Bell.

But DVD has a way of turning sour into sweet. “Heroes: Season 2″ is easier to digest when consumed as a whole, taking its 11 episodes (spread across four discs) as one epic movie, rather than extended over seven-day lags, which only amplifies any frustration over pacing.

The extras are what make this set shine. “Untold Stories” kind of amounts to a bonus episode, comprised of scenes from storylines that had to be abandoned when the writers’ strike cut the season short. (Perhaps that was for the best, considering the fans’ outcries.) For another look at what was not to be, there’s an alternate ending that goes on for nearly 20 minutes, presenting a much grimmer outlook.

There’s also the usual smattering of deleted scenes and episode commentaries, but don’t bother with the season three preview. It’s a puff piece. We need only be concerned with holding them to their word that they’ll taking “Heroes” back to where it belongs: TV greatness.

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