State will begin issuing new license plates with bans intact

A unique combination of letters and numbers have been issued to more than three million cars and trucks legally registered in Oklahoma to operate on roadways.

Most license plates bear a random state-issued cipher meaningless to motorists. Others are chosen to convey a message, impart passing wisdom or project the personality of the driver.

In January, the state will start issuing a new license plate design. The green and yellow design featuring the battle shield of an Osage warrior will be retired in favor of a maroon and blue theme offset by a bronze Apache archer created by Allan Houser for the “Sacred Rain Arrow” sculpture.

It’s the first statewide license plate redesign in 16 years, according to Oklahoma Tax Commission officials.

Motorists who’ve grown fond of the code emblazoned on their plates have until Nov. 1 to pay $17 to reserve their existing or personalized number, said commission spokeswoman Paula Ross.

By January 2010, every legal vehicle will have the updated plate, but hundreds of custom tags still won’t be allowed out on the streets.

Here’s some plates you won’t see on Oklahoma roads because the tags have been deemed too tawdry for traffic.

Some of the letter-number combinations on the tax commission’s list of license plates “unacceptable for issue” are really racy, even for Oklahoma Gazette. ” Joe Wertz

Joe Wertz

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