The City Lives book opening slot for Rejects’ tour

Local rockers The City Lives have booked an opening slot on The All-American Rejects’ winter tour, the band and tour organizers confirmed last week.

The Oklahoma City five-piece will join the platinum-selling Rejects ” also a band of Okies which formed in Stillwater in 2001 ” for the U.S. tour, which starts Nov. 6 in Orlando, Fla. Eric Pennell, drummer for The City Lives, said the tour will be the longest performance stint for the group so far. The band also recently inked a deal with Rejects guitarist Mike Kennerty, who signed The City Lives to his label, Edmond Records. 

“We’re kind of freaking out,” Pennell said. “Everyone’s trying to tie up all the lose ends before we leave, but we know it’ll be great.”

Before hitting the road next week, The City Lives will take the stage 8 p.m. Saturday for a Conservatory show with locals For the Atlantic and The Taking State.

The Rejects tour is in support of “When the World Comes Down,” a follow-up to 2005’s “Move Along,” a record that sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. The Nov. 18 release date for the Rejects’ new album was pushed back to Dec. 16, according to Lisa DiAngelo, the band’s publicist. The Rejects have tapped Eric Valentine, a well-known producer who’s previously worked with Maroon 5, Queens of the Stone Age and Smash Mouth, for production work on the new disc.

The City Lives will join the Rejects for the Nov. 28 tour stop at Oklahoma City’s Diamond Ballroom. “Joe Wertz

Joe Wertz

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