OKC literary figures had choice words about drinks

tern writer Louis L’Amour as a part of President Roosevelt’s Works Project Administration. In addition to calendars and other pamphlets, the project under Thompson endeavored to write about Oklahoma’s labor history ” he was at one point a member of the Communist Party ” and also attempted to develop a history of black Oklahomans with Oklahoma’s Black Dispatch editor Roscoe Dunjee, although Thompson was removed from the program before the history was completed.

His affinity for drink, however, earned him a hallowed place in “Hemingway & Bailey’s Bartending Guide to Great American Writers” by Edward Hemingway ” yes, the grandson of Ernest Hemingway ” and Mark Bailey.

“Jim Thompson was really one of the very, very hard drinkers,” Bailey said. “The sidecar, from ‘The Grifters,’ was such a great description

Ben Fenwick

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