The Fortune Tellers reunite for a New Year’s Eve show

Considered local legends by many metro music fans, The Fortune Tellers reunite tonight for a New Year’s Eve show in Oklahoma City.

Returning to the metro from Greece, guitarist Miho Kolliopoulos will join his brother Basile and bassist Victor Goetz for tonight’s concert.

Well-known in the 1980s, The Fortune Tellers headlined large shows throughout the country, served as backup band for Bo Diddley and were a mainstay at Oklahoma City’s now-gone Bowery club.

The Kolliopoulos brothers later joined drummer Marty Dillon, forming Reverb Brothers, a fierce, fuzz-funk rock band marked by Miho’s heavily-amplified, psychedelic guitars and Basile’s swampy vocals.

The show starts 10 p.m. tonight at VZD’s, 4200 N. Western. For more information, call 524-4203. “Joe Wertz

Joe Wertz

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