A Moment in History: The Inauguration of Barack Obama


Said my 11-year-old son upon spotting “A Moment in History: The Inauguration of Barack Obama” on sale at Sam’s Club, “Who would want this?”

“You’d be surprised,” I answered.

After all, I seem to recall that historic day on Jan. 20, standing in a small conference room at work, watching our 44th president take “” not without stumbles “” the oath of office. Details are still fresh: Aretha Franklin’s oversized hat, Jill Biden’s foxy knee-high boots, all those millions of people crowded on Washington, D.C.’s turf.

I also recall going home that night, to find my wife insistent on watching hours upon hours of the day’s footage, from parade to inaugural ball to inaugural ball to inaugural ball to “¦

Yes, son, for those who don’t still have some of the day’s events stored on their TiVo, a market for this disc exists, even if buyers aren’t likely to watch it more than once. MPI Home Video does a good job presenting all the footage, supplied by ABC News. The special features are a little suspect “” who cares about an interview with Beyonc


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