Return from Witch Mountain


In the inferior sequel to 1975’s “Escape to Witch Mountain,” outer-space teens Tia and Tony return to Earth for a vacation. That plot misstep merely allows the action to get rolling, as Tony (Ike Eisenmann) is immediately kidnapped by devious Dr. Gannon (Christopher Lee) and his partner in crime (Bette Davis, who performs horribly).

Meanwhile, Tia (Kim Richards) runs all over town looking for her brother. Aiding her is a gang of grade-school ruffians who hilariously call themselves the Earthquake Gang and go by names like Crusher that belie their wiry frames. More action ensues; however, it is to the deficit of the story, so it actually feels like it moves at a slower pace. On the plus side, at least the sequel tried something new, and it’s still enjoyable (and even more so than the current “Race to Witch Mountain” reboot).

As with “Escape,” this new special edition boasts a making-of documentary featuring interviews with the kids, now all grown up, plus a handful of archival material and a cartoon featuring Donald Duck and Pluto.

“”Rod Lott


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