Junebug Spade – Junebug Spade

shot” is probably the most radio-friendly track on the new record. It opens with a bouncing trumpet melody that leads into verses layered with driving guitar riffs. The cut is capped-off by an upbeat and memorable chorus.

However, “Awake “¦ Slow Down” might be the album’s most noteworthy track for its interesting stop-and-go structure. Long, dramatic pauses are repeated throughout the bulk of the song, but the whole tune changes time signature, and its composition makes a drastic change after the 3:15 mark.

The album serves as a good starting point for the up-and-coming Oklahoma City band, which joins The Fine Print for a 10 p.m. Tuesday show at The Hi-Lo Club, 1221 N.W. 50th. For tickets or more information, call 843-1722.””James Lovett

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