Oklahoma governor makes Flaming Lips’ tune official song

Before throngs of applauding fans and politicians, the Flaming Lips today joined Gov. Brad Henry as he signed an executive order proclaiming “Do You Realize??” as Oklahoma’s official rock ‘n’ roll song.

A resolution to name the song unanimously passed a Senate vote last month, but failed in the House last week. Henry last week vowed to override the House vote.

Several fans present at today’s signing ceremony in the rotunda of the Oklahoma History Center wore red T-shirts emblazoned with communist iconography and the yellow star-and-sickle logo, similar to one printed on a T-shirt Lips bassist Michael Ivins wore to the March 2 Senate vote.

A few legislators were rankled, including Rep. Corey Holland, R-Marlow, who said he was “really offended” by Ivin’s shirt. Angered by offensive language the band used a few years ago when Oklahoma City named an alley after the group, Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, last week also spoke out against the resolution.

Henry today also proclaimed April 28 “Flaming Lips Day.” “Joe Wertz

Joe Wertz

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