Poll numbers for 2010 governor’s race show front runners

The horse for the governor’s office shows a clear front runner on the Republican side while the Democrats are still jockeying for position.

According to a fresh poll from SoonerPoll.com, Congresswoman Mary Fallin firmly leads in a primary match up with two other Republicans, with Lt. Gov. Jari Askins and Attorney General Drew Edmondson neck and neck on the Democrat side.

On the Republican side, the list includes Fallin and former Congressman J.C. Watts, who is feeling out a possible campaign, as well as state Sen. Randy Brogdon who has declared he will run. In that three-way race, Fallin leads Watts 45 percent to 25 percent with Brogdon getting 5 percent. A total of 139 Republicans were surveyed for the answer, with the margin of error at 8 percent.

Askins leads Edmondson 33.9 percent to 28.6 percent with a 7.6 percent margin of error. A total of 168 Democrats were asked for their opinions.

When looking at a candidate’s favorable rating, Republicans fared better than Democrats. Fallin had the highest at 63.9 percent followed by Watts at 55 percent. Edmondson came in with a 50 percent favorable rate and Askins with 46 percent.”Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper

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