The Teenage Body Book – Kathy McCoy and Dr. Charles Wibbelsman

ody Book” is, too. Written by former Teen magazine editor Kathy McCoy and pediatrics physician Dr. Charles Wibbelsman, the tome is essential reading for all parents “” and not when their children are about to become teenagers, but well before then. After all, girls can start menstruating as young as age 9. Gulp!

It’s not “just” about sex, either. The easily digestible chapters address issues of emotions, healthy eating, exercise, stress, mind-expanding substances and getting help when you need it. The book has been around for decades, but is newly available in yet another revised and updated edition “” and the changes are appreciated, as today’s children face a wealth of problems we didn’t have to, such as cyberspace bullying.

With helpful illustrations and charts, McCoy and Wibbelsman present the truth about adolescence and all the changes it brings, without sugar-coating the message or talking down to its audience. These days, kids are more savvy of BS, and should welcome its “this is how it is” approach. Parents should, too. (And if not, they’re in for a world of trouble.)

“”Rod Lott


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