Green’s choice

As Denver’s newsweekly Westword asked in a May 2009 story, “Where would you take a $100,000 check that is also a suicide note, to the cops or to the bank?” In July 2008, John Francis Beech, a retired executive in Denver, sent a check for $100,000 to a local charity, postdated to Aug. 1, accompanied by a sealed envelope reading “wait until you hear from coroner” and “everything is OK.” The charity’s director, Annie Green, opened the envelope anyway on July 21, to find Beech’s Last Will and Testament, leaving his entire estate to Green’s organization for children with developmental disabilities. Green’s choice: Put everything into the school’s safe and await Aug. 1 (but she claimed to have left two voice-mail messages for Beech). On July 29, based on longstanding plans, Beech committed suicide.


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