House: Season Five


Remember when in popular culture, “House” referred to a horror flick starring William Katt? My, how times have changed!

For half a decade now, “House” has been owned by Fox’s acclaimed drama from executive producer Bryan Singer. It’s not your average medical TV series. For one thing, its lead character of Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is a bit of a prick and addicted to painkillers.

And that off-center center is what makes the show most worth watching. Its fifth season is now out on DVD, with all two dozen episodes stretched across five discs. House and his team solve medical mysteries as they’ve done from the start “” call it “CSI: Vicodin” “” but again, strong characters lift it far above the average (like, say, NBC’s much-hyped but short-lived “Medical Investigation”).

Over this season, one character struggles in an effort to become a mother, while another dies. (I won’t spoil it, but you may have read the headlines, since the actor left to join the Obama administration.) As for House, the season finale promises to bring big changes, widening the already deep crack that is his flaw.

Laurie deserves every bit of praise thrown his way (and he’s had his fair share), but even a great actor needs a great supporting cast to keep things fresh, and “House” has many underheralded turns, especially from its ladies (Olivia Wilde, Lisa Edelstein and Jennifer Morrison).

Extras commemorate its 100th episode, address the scripts’ medical accuracy and explore its guest stars.

“”Rod Lott


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