One Step Beyond: The Official First Season


Why does Paramount’s release of “One Step Beyond” come advertised as “The Official First Season”? Because a copyright lapse resulted in 50 of the series’ 97 episodes making it onto a budget compilation called “The Very Best of One Step Beyond,” which clogged Walmart’s $5 bargain bins for months last year.

Of course, you get what you pay for. Whereas the “Very Best” transfers were grainy and muddy, Paramount’s truly are the very best in picture and audio quality. In other words, the $45 price difference is all the difference.

Like a distant cousin of “The Twilight Zone,” “One Step Beyond” is a half-hour, black-and-white anthology show, but with a narrower focus. In this case, all stories are tied to the supernatural, which leaves science fiction by the wayside. Even more, the show claims it was based on actual events of psychic phenomena that could neither be debunked nor explained.

Some of the standouts among these 22 episodes include:

 “Night of April 14th,” in which a woman has nightmares about drowning on her honeymoon. Her fianc


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