Lost Tapes


I give Animal Planet points for acknowledging cryptozoological creatures in its series ” Lost Tapes,” the first season of which is now available on DVD, even if the execution leaves something to be desired.

In purported home-video footage (but acknowledged as fiction by the show), we see Average Joes and Jills encounter nature’s mistakes and fabled beasts, such as Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, the Mothman and Skinwalkers. Heck, even that rumored Oklahoma Octopus gets his own episode among these 14!

“Lost Tapes” derives its shaky-cam style from “The Blair Witch Project,” but I can’t imagine anyone other than the pre-K set being scared by it. Monsters are glimpsed in mere flashes, as if to heighten the reality of the footage, but that’s pulled off with such high production values that any chance for suspense is mitigated. The actors aren’t very good, either, and pacing is halted by text segments that break up any forward momentum.

This double-disc set might be good for grade schoolers looking for a Halloween experience that’ll still allow them to sleep at night.

“”Rod Lott


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