Iron Man: Armored Adventures \” Volume 1

for his African-American best friend, Rhodey. In these half-dozen adventures, the guys match wits and fists with a variety of villains. A retelling of Iron Man’s origin comes first (only with, y’know, 16-year-olds). Look for Whiplash “” to be played by Mickey Rourke in “Iron Man 2″ “”  as a foe in a later episode.

The animation is pretty slick by TV standards, coming across as what appears to be (whether it is or not) a blend of hand-drawn, computer-generated and motion-capture styles, resulting in an illusion (however fleeting) that is somewhat three-dimensional. Character purists will hate that Stark and company have been lowered below the age of consent, but they’re not the show’s intended viewership. Besides, this is better than the direct-to-video “Invincible Iron Man” animation that was.

“”Rod Lott


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