MAPS 3 and state

Mayor Mick Cornett says if we pass MAPS 3 we will not have a tax increase. But if we do not pass MAPS 3 and six months later we pass the inevitable MAPS 4, will that be a tax increase? Or, will our taxes decrease if we do not pass MAPS 3?

Congressional candidate and Corporation Commissioner Jeff Cloud recently endorsed MAPS 3, thereby painting himself as a tax-and-spend politician. Two of our tax-and-spend mayors have run for higher office based on the success of MAPS and failed. Subsequently, one of these mayors was unable to win a local school board election.

My question for Commissioner Cloud is, how will this endorsement help you win a seat in Congress? By the way, you lost my vote; but I appreciate your honesty/stupidity.

Liberal scholars keep finding something called the “separation of church and state” in the United States Constitution “¦ when it suits their purpose. My question is, when the taxpayers subsidize a privately owned NBA basketball team and the team hires a chaplin, does that action violate the so-called separation of church and state?

Or, when Mayor Mick goes to a church to promote MAPS 3, does this violate the aforementioned doctrine, and will the church lose their tax-exempt status?

“P.T. Henley, Oklahoma City 

P.T. Henley, Oklahoma City

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