Cutting spending a ‘no-brainer’

What happens around your house when the salary doesn’t match the spending? Right: You cut the spending!

Not according to the University of Central Oklahoma liberal, cardigan-clad academe Kurt Hochenauer (Commentary, “Counterpoint: Reactive response,” Dec. 9, 2009, Gazette). He thinks we should tax the rich! Yeah, tax the very people who provide jobs.

I would advocate cutting spending, even state jobs; maybe even a teacher would lose a position! Then, cut taxes; do away with the state income tax in favor of a sales tax on services. Three times in the last 60 years, taxes have been cut ” under Kennedy, Reagan and Bush ” and every time, increased money flowed into the Treasury.

It’s a no-brainer “¦ unless you’re a liberal professor who has no idea what the real world is like.  

“Tom Furlong, Oklahoma City


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