Kids deserve better

If you think the biggest scientific hoax is climate change or global warming, examine this: Government spends billions of dollars every year promoting evolution. The number of renowned scientists that have publicly expressed doubt concerning Darwin’s theory of evolution is on the rise. The Discovery Institute’s Dr. David Berlinski writes about this hoax in his book about scientific pretensions.

Since there is not a speck of evidence for Darwin’s theory of evolution to explain how one species engendered another, public educators are negligent to keep teaching this in our public schools.

In fact, in “Icons of Evolution,” Wells debunks arguments used in our public school textbooks to support evolution by showing they are false arguments and have no scientific value. Like the science supporting global warming is now being proved to be rooted in political correctness rather than science, the same is true of evolution science. It is more about keeping power and control than pursuing truth no matter where it leads. Our children deserve better than this!

“Judy Wesselhoft, Moore

Wesselhoft is the wife of state Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, R-Moore.

Judy Wesselhoft, Moore

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