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In his response to Judy Wesselhoft’s letter, science teacher Jeff B. Brown (“Evolution is a fact,” Feb. 3, 2010, Oklahoma Gazette) claims that “nothing in the sciences makes sense without (evolution). “¦ Teaching the myriad disciplines of science and pursuing human endeavors without the unifying genius of evolution and natural selection is as absurd as trying to learn mathematics without the zero.”

I invite Brown to explain how the following scientific concepts make no sense without evolutionary theory and natural selection: E = mc2; the Big Bang theory; Ohm’s law; the Krebs cycle; atomic theory; electromagnetism; the red shift; supernovas; gravitation; vaccination; circulation; mitosis; and, for good measure, ontogeny. Could Brown please explain how evolution and natural selection unify physics, chemistry, geology, astronomy and meteorology?

I also invite Brown to explain how the following scientific and intellectual giants ” all of whom died before publication of Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” ” failed to make sense of nature due to their ignorance of evolution and natural selection: Bacon, da Vinci, Copernicus, Brahe, Galileo, Kepler, van Helmont, Pascal, Boyle, Huygens, van Leeuwenhoek, Hooke, Newton, Leibniz, Halley, Fahrenheit, Bayes, Linnaeus, Lind, Cavendish, Watt, Lavoisier, Volta, Jenner, Dalton, Cuvier, Ampere, Avogadro, Gauss, Audubon, Ohm and Doppler.

“K.A. Straughn

K.A. Straughn

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