OKC Gridiron Club lampoons local and national newsmakers with its annual sketch comedy show

Oklahoma City Gridiron Club comedy show
Lyric Plaza Theatre
1727 NW 16th
7:45 p.m. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

If you like “Saturday Night Live”-styled political skits, you’ll love the Oklahoma City Gridiron show.

The Oklahoma City Gridiron Club stages its annual political sketch show at 7:45 p.m. today, Friday and Saturday at the Lyric Plaza Theatre, 1727 N.W. 16th.

The volunteer actors poke fun at newsmakers who made headlines last year, in a show that’s divided into two acts: one for federal figures, one for state.

“These are not professionals, but rather a lot of talented people. Most of them are journalists and reporters,” said Ashley Barcum, the club’s assistant secretary. “This show has become really popular among state politicians. The governor and state legislators come to shows, and it has become a tradition that when the governor or lieutenant governor come to a show, they will participate in the skit making fun of them.”

The club was founded in 1928 and has performed an annual roast ever since. The 2010 show features send-ups of President Barack Obama, portrayed by Bart Vleugels; former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, played by Barcum; and Gov. Brad Henry, played by Andrew Harris of KWTV News 9. Actors will also take on Tiger Woods and a posthumous Michael Jackson.

“We note every major news headline over the year, and we use those to our advantage, giving the public a chance to laugh at the biggest news of the past year,” Barcum said.

Gridiron members are known to be actively engaged in journalism or communications work, and proceeds from the show will fund scholarships and grants for student journalists throughout the state.

Tickets are $25. Visit http://www.okcgridiron.org. “”LeighAnne Manwarren


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