I don’t think it’s so bad here’

The “OKC’s drunken elephant” column by Professor Kurt Hochenauer in your Feb. 24 issue starts by commenting favorably on the “big league” issues of the arrival of the Thunder and the MAPS 3 programs.

He states, however, there is a major problem to Oklahoma City’s continued growth and well being. “Oklahoma’s antiquated, dysfunctional liquor laws” just make it too difficult to purchase high-point beer and wine. This seems to be holding Oklahoma City back compared to locations such as Dallas and Austin where “young, dynamic, successful talent” prefers to work, presumably because it is easier to purchase their beloved beer and wine. Our state is also suffering because the better grocery stores do not want to locate here where they cannot sell these products.

Hochenauer does acknowledge that these highly desirable products can already be purchased here, but it is just too inconvenient. There just needs to be an easier way to get one’s alcohol, like at the grocery store where the family goes to buy their bread and milk. We may have many problems, but I don’t see that this inconvenience is such a major hindrance to our great state’s progress.

Having lived in several other states and countries, I don’t think it’s so bad here.
“Don Foster

Don Foster

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