Barhop with a map that shows how soaked our city is and where the most booze oozes

From winemakers and brewers to retailers and more, there are 649 (legal) ways to get a drink in Oklahoma County, as of February. Here’s a different view of the permits the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission requires of those dealing in adult potions.

In all, Oklahoma County has the most alco-outlets statewide. Residents here are 60 percent more likely to stumble across a liquor store than the next most-soaked county, Tulsa. There’s a liquor store about every 4.86 square miles in our county, and one about every 6.55 square miles in Tulsa County.

Mixed-beverage permit records show that Tulsa County has more bars than Oklahoma County, 342 vs. 339, but the latter has twice as many licensed brewers and 60 percent more winemakers.

If you want to bring your own booze, head down to McCurtain County, which has three licensed “bottle clubs,” the highest per county. Because there’s only five in Oklahoma, there’s not much competition among these clubs ” which only serve patrons drinks from bottles they own ” so it’s bottoms up in either Idabel or Hochatown, or a long stagger to either Atoka or Frederick. If you wanna be a member, make sure your name’s on the bottle ” it’s the law. “Joe Wertz

Joe Wertz

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