Firsthand accounts are key to understanding American history

The “Ex-slaves” article (Rob Collins, Feb. 24, 2010, Oklahoma Gazette) is such a striking piece! Before even reading the story, I broke down upon seeing ex-slave Charlotte Johnson’s photo, in which her face tells the reader so much about the atrocities her people endured. Like you so eloquently state in your closing, these firsthand accounts by African-Americans of that time are central to our understanding of the framework of our American history.

On a different note, thanks to you and the Gazette staff for continually providing quality journalism, which offers humor, history, arts, politics, current events and, most importantly, intellectual reasoning. Your work is and will continue to be a catalyst for change in a state that is finally moving forward, even when there are many who would like to keep us in the dark. Good work.
“Amy Caswell Roff

Amy Caswell Roff

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