American Vampire #1 – Scott Snyder and Stephen King

Vampire Vol. 1” marks his first time at bat as an original scripter. The series is a quasi-anthology one, telling two tales of different time periods, but linked thematically and by character crossover.

The first is Scott Snyder’s, set in 1925 Hollywood, when talkies threatened to put silents out to pasture. A struggling actress “” more of a glorified extra “” named Pearl Jones finally gets a big break via producer B.D. Bloch, only it’s the not the kind she ever expected.

King’s, set in 1880 Colorado, is more of a Western, with a criminal transport on a train going horribly, completely awry for the authorities. In both stories, any vampire action is saved until the end, only after characters are introduced and developed.

So many vampires have populated so much fiction lately that it’s tough to get excited about yet another title featuring the bloodsuckers. This one does it. For one thing, both Snyder and King are gifted storytellers. For another, the vampires aren’t namby-pamby emo kids. And for a third, Rafael Albuquerque’s art is cinematic and foreboding.

King is scheduled to write for only the first five issues. Even if it continues without him, I’m certain it will thrive, as Snyder’s half emerges as the stronger of the two. “”Rod Lott


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