Enslaving future generations to poverty and misery’

The current Democratic Party’s populist plans for “Obamacare” for the U.S. cannot possibly work, as history teaches us that the government bankrupts everything it controls. Obamacare and other unfunded entitlements will result in complete disaster.

The Democratic Party leaders of today are guilty of more than malfeasance; they are enslaving future generations to poverty and  misery. They will be long gone when the mess they are creating implodes in our children’s faces!

What sort of people are we that we would penalize future generations for our current benefit and greed?

Wake up, America!

As for you “historical” Democrats, when are you going to realize that your party is not the party of FDR, Truman or JFK, that your father and grandfather belonged to? It has lurched so far to the left that it is about to fall off the planet!

Think about it. Perhaps you should consider registering as an independent.
“Mickey McVay

Mickey McVay

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